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Telx Tel offers a suite of customized VoIP services and solutions. We focus on international voice termination and software development services for our partners across the world. We are dedicated to deliver innovative IP telephony services to international carriers, PTT’s, fixed and mobile operators, and MVNO’s with our deep industry insight, experience and know-how. We carry millions of minutes for long distance carriers, mobile carriers, local access carriers and prepaid service providers over our network which has state-of-the-art network management technology.

Approximate number of minutes terminated currently over our network is +300 million per month and we strive to increase our transit traffic every month. Our network provides real-time monitoring with fully integrated VoIP solutions through our 24x7 technical support and carrier services. We only use high quality routes to terminate minutes from Tier-1 & II VoIP providers. Our network identifies the most cost effective routes based on real-time analysis. By having a modular, scalable and flexible network, we give our partners the opportunity to customize VoIP solutions according to their specific needs and help them minimize the risks of entering a new market by providing security, technical support and a reliable VoIP platform. We offer innovative and cost-effective services through state-of-the-art network and technology.


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